I've been encouraged by my colleagues not only around the province, but the country and the world by the thought-provoking posts that they publish almost on a daily basis.  We are in good hands.  So to get back to this particular blog, my original posts, I believe there were four, were to share some neat things that I was doing in my role at that time and my heavy involvement with technology integration with the classroom.  Since then, I have moved a bit away from technology and into the aspect of leadership in education. 

Currently, I am taking the Principals Development Course, an additional qualification that is available for principals and vice principals put on by the Ontario Principals Council.  There are a series of available modules that are focussed on a given topic relating to current topics and more understanding that will enrich our leadership across the province.  I have a great group that I'm currently taking this module with from all points across Ontario.  They all have given some great energy and advice through their experiences.  We are currently tasked in this current module with creating a blog and our first blog posting.  The topic of our module is creating a digital portfolio and that will be done through our blog site. 

I really appreciate the task, not just because I'm a techie per se, but it is embracing something that I feel we all need to do more of; sharing best practices.  If we share, we care of course but if we share with the intent on giving gratitude to one another that is just modeling what we want to see in our schools, building that digital citizenship and character trait profile.  Sharing also gives reason to look for and strive to find solutions to the current roadblocks in front of us in education.  It is these solutions, that allow us to Crt-Alt-Del and restart.