If you are a Twitter user like myself, finding great content that you can use in your school, whether it is for helping grow one of your staff members, to help enhance your efforts to drive an idea at a staff meeting, or will aid in your upcoming professional development work, was all about clicking the magical heart icon or like keeping it in your list of likes for future reference.  Now that begs the question "did you REALLY like it?"  I guess that depends on your definition. 

With the addition of the bookmarks function in Twitter you now have the ability to not only like a tweet, but to save it to your private list of bookmarks that are strictly just for your eyes only.  The big difference here is that every time you "like" a tweet, it is publicly viewable.  So your best-kept secret for your upcoming workshop or staff meeting can stay with you.  But remember...sharing is caring!  Be humble.  The bookmarking feature was available beginning at the end of February so it's fairly new.  In my efforts to continue to blog this feature has been quite valuable so far.  I've created this post as well in the hopes that my current AQ course colleagues can use this moving forward in their professional blogs and portfolios and other educators who come across this.  So remember, when you're doing your summer reading and you drop that bookmark in between the pages of the book, remember there is now a digital version;  of a really, really big book out there.

Here is the official tweet from Twitter with the explainer video on how to use this very helpful tool:



Photo by Erol Ahmed on Unsplash