The risk was to dive into Mobile App Development in my Computer Science courses. As educators, I believe we should take risks, we should go near that edge of our comfort zone for the simple reason that it is where we all learn. As models for our students we should be modeling the idea of lifelong learning anyhow. When we take risks, we receive feedback which provides us some insight into what direction we go next to improve.

I’m curious what your risks were this past school year? Are you taking any risks this year and coming out of your comfort zone? Feel free to comment below.

I have prepared an overview for my colleagues to get started creating mobile apps using a neat online service called TACKK, It allows you to quickly put together a single web page with various multimedia options to enhance the reading. Simply click the thumbnail below to view my “App Architects” story.


Here is a Haiku Deck that was created on the apps as well:

ICS4U - App Inventor Story - Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires;