When visiting many other educator websites, and from listening to my colleagues in their observations, I've decided that I would try to bring together people, books, videos, and other forms of media that help inspire me or have inspired me along my journey in education.  I hope that it speaks to you and you get a sense of who I am in my philosophy around education.

Inspiring People

First off, my parents and my wife and our children are the people who have been by my side through my career, supporting me.  I cannot say enough to these inspiring people.  I have had so many mentors, who were/are teachers, coaches, colleagues, and leaders.  You've all made me who I am today.  I thank you.

Mr. Wayne Hulley wayne hulley3

I had the pleasure of speaking to Wayne after a speaking engagement.  He took the time to focus on what is important in making schools great; relationships.

Ms. Eva Olsson eva olsson

Eva's story is so impactful on life. Be kind is her message. There is no alternative. Very thankful I was able to have a personal conversation with her driving to my school.

Mr. Ted Dintersmith ted dintersmith

One of my principals introduced me to one of his books, and it opened my eyes and validated a lot of what I did in the classroom and what I wanted to see in our schools.

Mr. Jimmy Casas jimmy casas

Jimmy is a champion of what we do everyday in our schools. His energy is contagious, and his expectations are clear. He also brings a great story.


Other influencers:


Inspiring Books